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Froyo Today, Gingerbread This Year?

Photo: Danny Sullivan

With all the rumors flying around, it’s practically a given that Froyo, the next version of Android, will be launched today at Google I/O. We have a bit more indication that this is the case, as well as news that points to a launch of the next version after that, Gingerbread, later this year.

Adding to the indications (e.g. here and here) that we’ll hear a lot more about Froyo today is the fact that pieces of new code are being dropped into the Android Open Source Project, a fact noticed by Cyanogen and not-quite-confirmed by Google’s Dan Morrill.

As to the timing of Gingerbread’s release, the folks at EuroDroid found a clue in the documentation of WebM, the open media format Google announced yesterday. The WebM FAQ notes that “WebM support in Android is expected in the Gingerbread release (currently planned for Q4, 2010).”

So we learn two things there: Gingerbread is planned for later this year, and it will include support for playing WebM media.

As to version numbers, we’ve heard that Froyo will be 2.2, but it could well be 2.5, making Gingerbread anything from 2.3 to 3.0.

I think this post says it all! Want to know more info about these updates? Check the original post over at Android Guys!

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