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Will the N8 be the last Nseries Symbian device? I don’t think so…

When I saw those news that the Nokia N8 will be the last Nseries device running the Symbian OS, I just couldn’t believe it… I’ve analysed this in many perspectives and no luck understanding how could this benefit Nokia. Let’s jump into facts, shall we?

Back in the day, Symbian wasn’t a open-source OS… It was owned mainly by Nokia, but also by some other brands. Nokia, however, bought all of the Symbian platform for €247 million and they obviously kept the OS for themselves because it was so expensive! No, that’s not how it happened! Nokia actually handed Symbian over to the Symbian Foundation in order to make it open-source! Now, why would a company as big as Nokia buy something for €247 million and then just give it away to anyone who wants to use it, including the competition? Nokia isn’t charity so why? Well, the Symbian Foundation received a lot of help from big names in the industry and all of a sudden, Symbian wasn’t being developed almost exclusively by Nokia, but others as Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Vodafone, AT&T and LG started contributing with code for the Symbian Foundation. That way, Nokia allowed all of these brands to grab the code and make a Symbian powered device, but also got some precious help on developing the code.

Since then, Symbian has been evolving from Symbian^1 to Symbian^2 and most recently: Symbian^3. The Nokia N8, the future Nokia flagship device is running on the Symbian^3 platform. Now you tell me, if it makes any sense ditching something that costed them so much from the Nseries before some money starts to come in??? The answer is no and I have a few reasons on why this confusion first appeared.

When Nokia started reworking their strategy, one of the things they did was change the way they gave a name to their devices. Now we have 5 series (Nseries, Eseries, Cseries, Xseries and Sseries) and the device name comes in the form of “LetterNumber”, for example N8. BUT, one of the things people tend to forget is that there are already devices using the same Letter and Number AND they are different models! The C1-01 and the C1-02 are different models despite being the same generic C1… Same happens with the X5-00 and the X5-01. Why can’t this happen with the N8? N8-01 for this N8 and when the next model comes along N8-02! Just like the iPhone is always iPhone with something in front (with the exception of the original one). There is where the confusion may be! “The N8 will be the last Nseries device running Symbian”, but they forget to mention this new naming by Nokia.

Nokia House

Another thing that helps my point here is that leaked “Nokia House” image. The only Nseries are the N8 and the N9. So, Nokia will only have 2 models for the next years? Nobody believes that. Again, this will use the strange new naming being N8 for Symbian devices and N9 for MeeGo devices. See it as a N8series and N9series if you want!

Besides, Symbian^4 is in development right now and I really can’t believe Nokia is leaving it out of their flagship devices. Symbian OS is extremely popular and is one of the oldest around. So let’s see what Nokia does, but I think Symbian will stick around the Nseries, at least for now 😉 .

This is only my opinion but with all these facts I find it difficult to believe any other thing is true.

Well, you decide and if you’d like share your opinion in the comments!

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