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Nokia Developer Event liveblog over at FoneArena!

5 de July de 2010 Leave a comment

Remember when I talked about a Qt-centric event the other day I got invited to? Well, I said back then that I wanted to cover it using a liveblog! Turns out that hasn’t support for a liveblog that grabs my tweets with a determined hashtag.

When I faced this problem I contacted Michael Hell who pointed me to Varun from FoneArena! So after some talking and adjusting the details we both decided I’ll cover the event live on FoneArena! Varun just setted up a really cool widget where you can see all my tweets with the hashtag #nokiaqt so jump over to FoneArena and enjoy the live coverage!


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1 de July de 2010 1 comment

This has to be one of the most difficult posts I’ve ever put together… Today Symbian Guru is being abandoned and the final post is up. The site will remain online, but will not see any more updates. This really makes me sad. Along with Symbian Freak this was one of the websites where I went the most and really loved to see the posts written by Ricky or Rita. They are two of the few Nokia/Symbian bloggers left that I really respect and value what they say. It’s sad to see one of the places that made me enjoy Symbian so much close down leaving a “whole”…

In the post both of them said that Nokia is falling behind the competition and I really have to agree with them. When I started this really small project called Phone Deluxe I went for a multi-platform blog and thankfully, I’ve achieved that, but to see these two Symbian giants on the blogosphere leave… heck, it’s really sad.

This is even more sad because I know they are right! I’m a Symbian and Nokia fan for a long time and I see Android growing… and I see iOS growing… and I don’t see Symbian growing. Symbian^3 looks like S60 5th Edition FP1 and the N8, again fails to deliver a standardized 1Ghz processor. Ovi services are a mess and since yesterday is only showing 4 services! What’s this suposed to mean? I’m really feeling tempted to get an iPhone 4 or a Google Nexus One. A little over 2 days ago I even tweeted this after a failed google search to find a nice app for Symbian for something I wanted: “Screw this, I’m buying an iPhone!”. The most frustrating part is that there were 8 different apps to do that for Android and I couldn’t even count the ones available for iOS. This makes me very sad and the one thing that was holding me to Nokia: this amazing blogosphere is going away… They’re all moving to different platforms. I think this shows enough how sad I am to see this. Anyway, make sure to follow Ricky on his personal blog and Rita aka Dotsisx on her personal blog as well over at

One last question though… How long untill Rafe Blandford closes the biggest Symbian blog around, All About Symbian? Will figures such as Rafe himself, Steve Litchfield all leave Symbian? Steve and Rafe look pretty confident that Symbian will rise once again to take over along with MeeGo… I just hope they are right… I mean, they have to be! I want all these amazing bloggers leaving back on the Nokia/Symbian blogging scene!

What do you think? Leave a comment…

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Qt-centric event by Nokia – I’m going!

1 de July de 2010 3 comments

So, yesterday I got this e-mail from Ovi Publish asking me if I want to go to an event where we’ll get the chance to see and understand Qt better. They will be having a keynote, a Q&A and even an hands-on period. I would feel VERY lucky if I can just see a N8 there 🙂 . Anyway, stay tunned! The event is taking place on the 6th of July and I’ll be covering it live in here and Twitter 🙂 . A lifeblog post will be posted later 🙂

Stay tuned!

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I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…

10 de June de 2010 2 comments

Hello everyone! A while back I decided that I needed to express myself in more than 140 characters at a time and I wanted my thoughts to be saved for a while longer than what they are on Twitter vanishing in hours in the depths of my followers timelines. Hence, I created this blog, then I moved to a one and more recently I even tried Posterous… Well, it’s time to pick MY blog once and for all and I’m announcing that this is it.

On another important note I am sorry for being very active for a few days, then inactive for a month, then active again and so on. I’m sorry for my instability. I promise that from now on I shall put new content here on a regular basis.

Another announcement that I have to make is that my blog will be a bit different from now on. Before I was all about giving you the latest news and stuff like that, but that’s not my main goal anymore… I want to share my thoughts on the news and not the news themselves! If you want to get the latest news I think that going to any tech site like Engadget or Daily Mobile if you only want smartphone related news is the best you can do. If you want to know my humble thoughts on the latest smartphones, OSes, news and so on then this is the place to be. Sorry for all the previous problems with this blog, but from now on you won’t see any more issues (or so I hope!).

I have only one more thing to say. If you’re on Twitter or if you know me from any other place and want to have a spot to talk about tech and express your opinions, I would love to have some collaboration here! Sustaining a blog all by myself is not easy and to keep readers interested it would be interesting to have more than one writer. So, drop me a line on Twitter @diogonev if you’re interested!

Best Regards to all my readers so far,

Diogo Neves

Facebook Offers a Site Free of Mobile Data Charges (Phone Scoop)

19 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

Facebook has launched a new version of its social network that will be available with no data fees on select carriers. The stripped-down site,, “includes all of the key features of Facebook but is optimized for speed,” according to a blog post from Sid Murlidhar, Program Manager for Facebook’s Mobile edition. The new site will focus on all the textual aspects of Facebook, letting users send and receive messages, wall posts and comments. The site won’t offer pictures directly, but will offer links to hosted images, and data charges will apply if a user opens an image. The new site will launch with more than 50 mobile operators around teh world, covering some markets on every inhabited continent except North America. Though Facebook did announce plans for Australia, France, Indonesia and other markets in the near future, the social network did not announce any plans for U.S. carrier support.

more info at Facebook »
more info at Engadget »

I know some people who don’t have data plans that are really going to love this one. I still prefer either the full site or an app. But hey, that’s just me! 🙂

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Sprint Now Offering Android 2.1 to HTC Hero

19 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

Today Sprint informed owners of the HTC Hero that they can now upgrade their devices to Android 2.1. Aside from all the new features found in Android 2.1, the update also includes the newest version of HTC’s Sense user interface, better corporate email support and a number of bug fixes. Sprint is not offering the update over the air. Instead, uses need to download the new version of Android to a Windows PC and install the new software via HTC’s Sync software or a microSD card.

more info at Sprint »
more info »

ALELUIA! Now when will we get it for the GSM variant of the Hero?

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Google Chrome OS Set To Launch, But Does It Matter Anymore? – TechnoBuffalo

18 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

It seems that Google is finally ready to launch the Chromium operating system.  The question that everyone should be asking, though, is why are they even bothering?

Announced back in July of 2009, Google announced the Chrome OS which is a new operating system that is built entirely around the browser, and getting you on the Internet as soon as possible after you boot up.  It has been in development for nearly a year now as an open source project, and people from all over the world have been working on it, adding all sorts of little tweaks.

According to an unnamed source speaking with VentureBeat, Acer is expected to announce the first two Chrome OS devices at the Computex Taipei computer show being held between June 1st and 5th.  The two devices are expected to be netbooks, but no release date or price is known at this time.


While I have been very intrigued by the Chrome OS projects, and looking forward to giving it a spin, I think Google may have become its own worse enemy in the time since this was announced.  Android, Google’s mobile operating system, has already moved away from mobile phones and into the realm of tablets, so unless Google feels like competing with itself, Chrome OS may end up getting stuck on netbooks only.

The Android name is already becoming a trusted brand with a growing developer community, so it seems a bit odd that Google would continue to move forward with Chrome OS.  Why not just port Android over to netbooks which would end up attracting that many more developers because it would give them another outlet for their work?  Does it really make sense to develop two operating systems that are both vying for the mobile/stripped won market?

Yes, I know companies develop two different operating systems all the time, such as Apple with the Mac and the iPhone OS, but those are servicing two very different product categories.   If Android had stayed just on phones I wouldn’t be questioning this, but by it moving over also to tablets, it just makes this seem a bit odd.

All that being said, I’m still looking forward to trying out the Chrome OS, I’m just not sure how long Google is going to work on both of these systems.

What say you?  Are you interested in the Chrome OS?

Very nice article over at Techno Buffalo! So what do you say? “Are you interested in the Chrome OS?”

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