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I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…

10 de June de 2010 2 comments

Hello everyone! A while back I decided that I needed to express myself in more than 140 characters at a time and I wanted my thoughts to be saved for a while longer than what they are on Twitter vanishing in hours in the depths of my followers timelines. Hence, I created this blog, then I moved to a one and more recently I even tried Posterous… Well, it’s time to pick MY blog once and for all and I’m announcing that this is it.

On another important note I am sorry for being very active for a few days, then inactive for a month, then active again and so on. I’m sorry for my instability. I promise that from now on I shall put new content here on a regular basis.

Another announcement that I have to make is that my blog will be a bit different from now on. Before I was all about giving you the latest news and stuff like that, but that’s not my main goal anymore… I want to share my thoughts on the news and not the news themselves! If you want to get the latest news I think that going to any tech site like Engadget or Daily Mobile if you only want smartphone related news is the best you can do. If you want to know my humble thoughts on the latest smartphones, OSes, news and so on then this is the place to be. Sorry for all the previous problems with this blog, but from now on you won’t see any more issues (or so I hope!).

I have only one more thing to say. If you’re on Twitter or if you know me from any other place and want to have a spot to talk about tech and express your opinions, I would love to have some collaboration here! Sustaining a blog all by myself is not easy and to keep readers interested it would be interesting to have more than one writer. So, drop me a line on Twitter @diogonev if you’re interested!

Best Regards to all my readers so far,

Diogo Neves