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“Name that tune” app Shazam has indexed over one billion songs

18 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

The Shazam application is becoming more visible in Symbian, what with over a million downloads through the Ovi Store, and preloaded onto a number of Symbian devices either out of the box (5630) or through the firmware update (the 5800) and it’s paying off for the company. The “what is that tune I can hear” application has now indexed over one billion songs, and the user base is 75 million.

Based in London, the company that launched in 2002 marched into profitability in Q4 last year and EO Andrew Fisher is looking forward to a 100 million strong user base before the end of 2010. So when people wonder where the money is in any Web 2.0 service, here’s a great example of pairing a problem (what is that tune?) with both the answer and an ancillary service (it was “Wild Dances” by Ruslana, would you like to buy it now?) to make a successful company.

Congratulations to the whole team – and if you want to have a look at it yourself, head over to the Ovi Store.

Great post over at AAS! In fact, Shazam is one of the best apps for taging music I have ever used, but I’m all for free stuff so I don’t use it now.

The only app I paid was actually Gravity 😀

Anyway, enjoy!

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Socially 1.40 Released for Symbian – Now Supports Geotweets

18 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I last looked up the Application, ‘Socially‘ the twitter application from Antarix for your Nokia device. Back a few months when I first checked it out, it was still in its infancy, and lacked quite a lot of features that another well known twitter app has, Gravity.


A few months on, and ‘Socially’ has transformed into quite a comprehensive twitter client now, with more features, and with the latest 1.40 release, it introduces GeoTweets, and integrates with Ovi Maps instead of Google Maps.

‘Socially’ is not just all about twitter either, with support for facebook, and LinkedIn too.

Here is a snippet from their support page..

antarixWe just released a new version of Socially app v1.40 that supports Geotweets

Now when you post on Twitter, you can add your location to your tweets. And while reading others’ tweets, see their location on the map (if they have added location while tweeting). 

Not just that, you can also search tweets from nearby location by adding your location while searching on Twitter! 

Socially is a must-have client for your Nokia handset, allowing full access to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn from one place. With Socially, you can see all your Social Contacts in your Nokia phone address book; Sync photos of phone contacts with their profile photos from Facebook; see Birthdays of Facebook friends (NEW); receive automatic Social Alerts of activities happening on your social networks & more! A social network client like no other for your Nokia phone.

You can pickup ‘Socially’ for free in the Ovi Store, so why not head over there today, and give it a try. Of course, the developers of ‘Socially’ really look forward to users feedback, good or bad, as they are always looking to improve the application based on users feedback.  You can leave your feedback for the developers here.

This app is looking very good for me mainly because of the Facebook integration (obviously the twitter client also helps). I’ll see what this can give me 😉 . Looks VERY good as of now 😀

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App Review: Twitter for BlackBerry

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The Good: Push notifications for Direct Messages (DMs) and integration with BlackBerry’s native message folder make for an impressive experience.

The Bad: This release is still pretty buggy; it hangs and lags too often for a final build, despite perfect 3G and Wi-Fi coverage.

Recommendation: Yes.  Despite the flaws, which can honestly get quite annoying at times, the features and execution are such that I would recommend this application to BlackBerry users.

Want to see the rest of the review you BlackBerry users? Jump to and read the rest! Enjoy!

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Testing Wordmobi on my Symbian powered N95 8GB!

25 de April de 2010 Leave a comment


I came across with this app very recently and it looks like it can actually help me get some work done as far as blogging are concerned… Let’s see if typing this much on a T9 wont make me give up. For now, this app is looking very nice. Let the future decide now 🙂

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