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N900 to get extra juice… and extra thickness!

9 de February de 2010 Leave a comment

You read that right! You won’t depend any more on that small 1350 mAh Bl-5J on your N900! Mugen just released a powerfull 2400 mAh battery for the N900! What’s the drawback you ask? The device size… It will get even thicker! Since the N900 is already more thick than the good old N95 (and that was already considered a brick back in 2007) imagine how would it be to carry that on your pocket. The only words I can find to describe that feeling are: OH MY GOD, THAT’S A BIG DEVICE!

To be very honest with you, I think it would be better to get an extra Nokia Bl-5J if the 1st one get’s out of juice 🙂 . What do you think? Would you carry the N900 with those extra mm in thickness? Let us know what you think!



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