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App Review: Twitter for BlackBerry

18 de May de 2010 Leave a comment


The Good: Push notifications for Direct Messages (DMs) and integration with BlackBerry’s native message folder make for an impressive experience.

The Bad: This release is still pretty buggy; it hangs and lags too often for a final build, despite perfect 3G and Wi-Fi coverage.

Recommendation: Yes.  Despite the flaws, which can honestly get quite annoying at times, the features and execution are such that I would recommend this application to BlackBerry users.

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UK bankers will use Apple’s iPhone instead of RIM’s BlackBerry for business

18 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

Judging by sales figures overall, it is clear that many people think that the iPhone is very useful as a device that can play mobile home business and leisure at the same time. This is true not only U.S. but also the rest of the world where the latest model of Apple’s iPhone is now available.

In fact, the UK, the British bank Standard Chartered has begun to offer employees the option of changing the standard-issue BlackBerry RIM have been using for all these years to touch Apple iPhone only an opportunity as a business phone. Will make a considerable amount of email and other things related to work almost all the time working on the device they choose. As expected, some people have actually begun the transition to the iPhone.

UK bankers to opt for Apple iPhone instead of the edges of BlackBerry for enterprise use

A spokesman based in Singapore by Standard Chartered told Reuters: “It’s an initiative at the group level of consumer involvement and wholesale banks worldwide,” socan expect that other companies follow suit.

About BlackBerry users switching to the iPhone is concerned, I see no surprise here. Apple’s device is currently one of the greatest things to happen to the market for smartphones is logical to see companies try to see how it can do.

But if you’re talking about it completely taking over the business segment of smart, well, I do not think there is any chance to succeed in the short term, if nothing happens. Things are not as easy as changing your phone contacts and calendar to the new copy when it comes to this market segment. Note that there are still many companies out there with old operating systems like Windows XP and earlier versions of business software just because the “switch” is so difficult to do. But if you work for Apple, well for them. It will not be good news to RIM though.

If this is true RIM really needs to start working on a better version of the BlackBerry OS and most of all, on a lot more apps for it!

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