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1 de July de 2010 1 comment

This has to be one of the most difficult posts I’ve ever put together… Today Symbian Guru is being abandoned and the final post is up. The site will remain online, but will not see any more updates. This really makes me sad. Along with Symbian Freak this was one of the websites where I went the most and really loved to see the posts written by Ricky or Rita. They are two of the few Nokia/Symbian bloggers left that I really respect and value what they say. It’s sad to see one of the places that made me enjoy Symbian so much close down leaving a “whole”…

In the post both of them said that Nokia is falling behind the competition and I really have to agree with them. When I started this really small project called Phone Deluxe I went for a multi-platform blog and thankfully, I’ve achieved that, but to see these two Symbian giants on the blogosphere leave… heck, it’s really sad.

This is even more sad because I know they are right! I’m a Symbian and Nokia fan for a long time and I see Android growing… and I see iOS growing… and I don’t see Symbian growing. Symbian^3 looks like S60 5th Edition FP1 and the N8, again fails to deliver a standardized 1Ghz processor. Ovi services are a mess and since yesterday is only showing 4 services! What’s this suposed to mean? I’m really feeling tempted to get an iPhone 4 or a Google Nexus One. A little over 2 days ago I even tweeted this after a failed google search to find a nice app for Symbian for something I wanted: “Screw this, I’m buying an iPhone!”. The most frustrating part is that there were 8 different apps to do that for Android and I couldn’t even count the ones available for iOS. This makes me very sad and the one thing that was holding me to Nokia: this amazing blogosphere is going away… They’re all moving to different platforms. I think this shows enough how sad I am to see this. Anyway, make sure to follow Ricky on his personal blog and Rita aka Dotsisx on her personal blog as well over at

One last question though… How long untill Rafe Blandford closes the biggest Symbian blog around, All About Symbian? Will figures such as Rafe himself, Steve Litchfield all leave Symbian? Steve and Rafe look pretty confident that Symbian will rise once again to take over along with MeeGo… I just hope they are right… I mean, they have to be! I want all these amazing bloggers leaving back on the Nokia/Symbian blogging scene!

What do you think? Leave a comment…

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Blogging from the N900… Just because I can!

21 de February de 2010 Leave a comment

Just as the title suggests this blog post is being done from the Nokia N900 from the standart website.

This is just one more proof that the N900 has a browser that can do just about anything.

Now to make this post a little about informatiion, I just want to say that a small video will follow up tonight or tomorrow with my thoughts about the N900 so far (I will be making a few videos just like a diary kind of thing). Just make sure that you keep an eye out on phonedeluxe or follow me on Twitter (@diogonev) to recieve my tweets and get updated with all the new blog posts!

See you all later!

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