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Will the N8 be the last Nseries Symbian device? I don’t think so…

24 de June de 2010 Leave a comment

When I saw those news that the Nokia N8 will be the last Nseries device running the Symbian OS, I just couldn’t believe it… I’ve analysed this in many perspectives and no luck understanding how could this benefit Nokia. Let’s jump into facts, shall we?

Back in the day, Symbian wasn’t a open-source OS… It was owned mainly by Nokia, but also by some other brands. Nokia, however, bought all of the Symbian platform for €247 million and they obviously kept the OS for themselves because it was so expensive! No, that’s not how it happened! Nokia actually handed Symbian over to the Symbian Foundation in order to make it open-source! Now, why would a company as big as Nokia buy something for €247 million and then just give it away to anyone who wants to use it, including the competition? Nokia isn’t charity so why? Well, the Symbian Foundation received a lot of help from big names in the industry and all of a sudden, Symbian wasn’t being developed almost exclusively by Nokia, but others as Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Vodafone, AT&T and LG started contributing with code for the Symbian Foundation. That way, Nokia allowed all of these brands to grab the code and make a Symbian powered device, but also got some precious help on developing the code.

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How Nokia should have introduced the N8 to the world

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The Nokia N8! The best camera the world has ever seen in a phone! Even better than a lot of point and shoot cameras! Running on the new Symbian^3 it comes with LOADS of unique features such as Dolby Surround 5.1, USB on-the-go, HDMI out port, anodised aluminium body and not so unique but still very rare 720p video recording at 24 FPS, 12 MP camera with AF and Carl Zeiss lens and a 3.5″ AMOLED, capacitive, multi-touch enabled display.

So you may ask, with so many great exclusive or very rare features why didn’t Nokia made a kick-ass keynote to introduce it? Well, I don’t know, but here is how it should have went:

Have you ever watched an Apple keynote? Well, it goes like this: Steve Jobs rounds up around 8 of the most exciting features about the product he is about to present and usually it adds a 9th as a mysterious one that he only talks about it in the very end of the keynote. When he presented the iPhone 4 he rounded up 8 features and gave them fancy names! iPhone OS 4 renamed the iOS 4, the high-resolution display was called the “retina display” and even a video call was given a different name to make it stand from the crowd. It was called FaceTime! After all of this try to recall the N86 announcement. It was like this: “This is the N86 and the only thing different is that it has a 8MP camera. Done, bye!”.

Nokia… You’re doing it WRONG! Even the N8 announcement was miserable and it was a whole lot better than the N86! I’ll give an example of what Nokia should learn from Apple!

Nokia N8 keynote should have been publicized for a month. Maybe even leak some exciting features on purpose to sites like Engadget! Tweeting that “something exciting” was coming! Use and abuse their own slogan, something like: “Nokia has always worked on connecting people… now more than ever!”.

And when the time arrived show off some of the greatest phones Nokia had so far! Show the ones that everyone knows! Show the Nokia 3310 is they need! That is the device EVERYONE had back then! ABUSE your legacy Nokia! Make it sell! And after showing the N95 tell people: “Well, the next step on evolution is arriving… Meet the next revolutionary Nokia! Meet the Nokia N8!”. Yes, it’s very Apple-like but if it’s working out for them why shouldn’t it work out for you Nokia? It’s better than the ones you’ve been doing, that’s for sure! And do you want to know the 8 features you should really advertise on that keynote?

1: 3.5″ AMOLED capacitive multi-touch enabled display! Show off the multi-touch gestures on photos!

2: 12MP sensor and 720p HD recording. Show AWESOME pictures shot with the N8 and play a nice video filmed with the HD camera on the N8! Impress people! REALLY impress people!

3: Just after showing videos shot with the N8, show people the HDMI out and tell them that the phone records stereo sound and it outputs Dolby Surround, all via the phone! Tell them how useful this is by not needing to carry they’re PC around to show the best videos to the rest of the family!

4: USB on-the-go! What if your friend has a nice video from its vacations on his USB stick, but there isn’t a PC around? No problem with the N8, just connect the USB stick to it and show the video to the rest of the family!

5: Video and photo editor! This is HUGE! For example, Android 2.2 hasn’t a photo editor built-in! And Android is a very well-known and praised OS over the world!

6: Symbian^3 OS! Show off the multitasking capabilities on the device, show them the cover flow mode on the music player, show them Ovi Maps with free navigation, but most importantly: show them the evolution from Symbian^1! Show them that those times of frustration and problems with the OS is over. Show them the unified 1 tap only system all over the UI! Show them the improvements and show them the nice, very nice widgetized homescreen!

7: Browser! Show flash content running on the device and let them know that the browser is based on webkit! Show off how easy it is to get around the page, show pinch-to-zoom and make it look crisp!

8: Video call! HTC made a big deal out of the HTC EVO 4G video call capabilities. Make sure everyone understands that this isn’t like the iPhone limited to Wi-Fi and to other iPhones and that it isn’t a 2nd party app doing the work for you like Qik is doing for the EVO. Let them know it works with all phones since the first 2005 phones that had this feature! Show off a video call with awesome quality!

And do you want the one more thing stuff?

Talk about Qt and how it is compatible with both MeeGo and Symbian^3 devices and show them some of the games built on Qt like Angry Birds, Bounce, Asphalt 5 and show them running on the N900 as well just to show that they run on both devices and make people understand that it is the same version of the game! This will achieve two results! It will call developers to fill the poor Ovi Store with some content and it will show people the great graphics that the N8 can achieve and how good the games look!

Now, is it that hard to do this? I’m just a normal guy and no genius, but I was able to write this. Why can’t such a big company with the possibilities to hire some great people to help them out advertising do it? Why? It’s just so simple….

720p HD video sample recorded with the Nokia N8

19 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

720P HD video sample recorded with the Nokia N8

Heres another video sample recorded with the Nokia N8. The Nokia N8 does make for one compelling device with its 3.5” capacitive touchscreen, 12-megapixel camera with Xenon flash and 720p video capture at 25 frames per second, HDMI output, and Video on-Demand through the Ovi Store. Aside from its camera centric focus, the Nokia N8 is the first handset to run on the Symbian^3 OS. It has 16GB of internal memory, FM radio, FM transmitter, Wi-Fi, GPS…

More N8 goodness!!! Want to see the clip? Just go to Daily Mobile and enjoy the video!

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Nokia N8 Review (with tons of screenshots). « My Nokia Blog

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Gravity on N8

Want some more N8 news? There’s a huge first impressions review from An important note they do make is that you shouldn’t take this as a review of the final product as (fortunately/unfortunately) we have quite some time to wait until it actually hits the shelves.

Note though, that the review is originally in chinese, so unless you’re a native speaker, be aware that the translator will confuse the meaning of certain sentences.


Some interesting highlights:

  • Battery life 1.5 days
  • Positive improvements on the UI
  • Homescreen can be filled to the brim with shortcuts. 6X4 in total. YAY.

  • Linear live multitasking window. I DISLIKE this PRE style cards. DISLIKE. But a lot of newbies might like it. Pre owners seem to. Maemo 5 and N900 has the best multitasking interface on all mobile phones and hope S^4 adopts something like that, not this painful swipy swipy nonsense.

  • Threaded SMS
  • MORE info on screensaver

  • Web browser interface has no significant changes (oh dear) but multitouch as you know, works well in it.
  • The review makes some points about the camera and HD out but the translator makes it difficult to understand what on earth is trying to be said.

Please do check My Nokia Blog as I do not wish to take any credit for his work making the post so visit his blog and you might find other posts that interest you as Jay is an awsome guy and posts really interesting stuff! Check it out!

About the N8, I’m not sure what to think of these screenshots. They are in chinese and that (for me) makes a diference… It looks like one of those chinese crappy imitations 😛

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Is the N8 a true multi-function beast?

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The guys at WOMWorld/Nokia found 2 excelent posts regarding the N8. In the first one, the author claims that the N8 not only matches the competition, but it even beats it with some extra features! In the second one, see what Michael Hell thinks of the N8 in his post at FoneArena!


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5 reasons why the N8 can be a hit or a failure (N97 style)

2 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

Nokia N8.jpg

The Nokia N8! Look at him in all it’s glory! It sure looks very good on these press pics and Nokia is telling us a fairy tale as far as imaging specs are concerned! But can Nokia do a irreparable mistake? Is it possible for the N8 to fail after getting so many things right?

On my opinion, as far as sales go, it shouldn’t fail, but it may be another N97-like fiasco taking Nokia even more mind share!

What the heck am I talking about? Here it goes, the 5 ways Nokia can destroy the N8!
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The N8 camera: Not all are Megapixels!

29 de April de 2010 Leave a comment

I’m really glad to report this article! The author of the website where I started my “Symbian life” made a post about why is the N8 camera so much better than the competition (even against other 12MP sensors).

Image taken from: [My Nokia Blog] from Jay Montano.

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