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Doctor Nokia’s N97 review « WOMWorld/Nokia

18 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

‘Somebody call Doctor Nokia!’

No reason for that outburst, I just think that would be a pretty cool thing to be able to call out should a new user need some help.

Anyway, Doctor Nokia exists, and has had his say on the time he spent with the N97. As a Symbian user he says the transfer process and initial tweaks were ‘SOOOOO simple’, and he goes on to diarise the rest of his usage over the first four days, including a couple of hiccups.

Let him know what you think he should do with the device next, any appd he should download, tweaks to make.

Really nice post from Tom Hall pointing to a review of the N97 from “Doctor Nokia” (fancy name 😛 )

Check it out!

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Nokia N8 Review (with tons of screenshots). « My Nokia Blog

18 de May de 2010 Leave a comment

Gravity on N8

Want some more N8 news? There’s a huge first impressions review from An important note they do make is that you shouldn’t take this as a review of the final product as (fortunately/unfortunately) we have quite some time to wait until it actually hits the shelves.

Note though, that the review is originally in chinese, so unless you’re a native speaker, be aware that the translator will confuse the meaning of certain sentences.


Some interesting highlights:

  • Battery life 1.5 days
  • Positive improvements on the UI
  • Homescreen can be filled to the brim with shortcuts. 6X4 in total. YAY.

  • Linear live multitasking window. I DISLIKE this PRE style cards. DISLIKE. But a lot of newbies might like it. Pre owners seem to. Maemo 5 and N900 has the best multitasking interface on all mobile phones and hope S^4 adopts something like that, not this painful swipy swipy nonsense.

  • Threaded SMS
  • MORE info on screensaver

  • Web browser interface has no significant changes (oh dear) but multitouch as you know, works well in it.
  • The review makes some points about the camera and HD out but the translator makes it difficult to understand what on earth is trying to be said.

Please do check My Nokia Blog as I do not wish to take any credit for his work making the post so visit his blog and you might find other posts that interest you as Jay is an awsome guy and posts really interesting stuff! Check it out!

About the N8, I’m not sure what to think of these screenshots. They are in chinese and that (for me) makes a diference… It looks like one of those chinese crappy imitations 😛

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N97 review and photo gallery

9 de February de 2010 Leave a comment

It seems like my friend Arun over at Nokia Saga finished his review on the N97 (classic in case you are wandering. Big rant at Nokia for having devices with the same “1st name” Arghhh)

It’s a very nice review and you’ll get to see a nice photo gallery of the device and some sample shots from it’s 5MP camera as well!

Why should you see the N97? Well… That’s up to you to answer, but hey, it HAS a nice form factor 😛