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This has to be one of the most difficult posts I’ve ever put together… Today Symbian Guru is being abandoned and the final post is up. The site will remain online, but will not see any more updates. This really makes me sad. Along with Symbian Freak this was one of the websites where I went the most and really loved to see the posts written by Ricky or Rita. They are two of the few Nokia/Symbian bloggers left that I really respect and value what they say. It’s sad to see one of the places that made me enjoy Symbian so much close down leaving a “whole”…

In the post both of them said that Nokia is falling behind the competition and I really have to agree with them. When I started this really small project called Phone Deluxe I went for a multi-platform blog and thankfully, I’ve achieved that, but to see these two Symbian giants on the blogosphere leave… heck, it’s really sad.

This is even more sad because I know they are right! I’m a Symbian and Nokia fan for a long time and I see Android growing… and I see iOS growing… and I don’t see Symbian growing. Symbian^3 looks like S60 5th Edition FP1 and the N8, again fails to deliver a standardized 1Ghz processor. Ovi services are a mess and since yesterday is only showing 4 services! What’s this suposed to mean? I’m really feeling tempted to get an iPhone 4 or a Google Nexus One. A little over 2 days ago I even tweeted this after a failed google search to find a nice app for Symbian for something I wanted: “Screw this, I’m buying an iPhone!”. The most frustrating part is that there were 8 different apps to do that for Android and I couldn’t even count the ones available for iOS. This makes me very sad and the one thing that was holding me to Nokia: this amazing blogosphere is going away… They’re all moving to different platforms. I think this shows enough how sad I am to see this. Anyway, make sure to follow Ricky on his personal blog and Rita aka Dotsisx on her personal blog as well over at

One last question though… How long untill Rafe Blandford closes the biggest Symbian blog around, All About Symbian? Will figures such as Rafe himself, Steve Litchfield all leave Symbian? Steve and Rafe look pretty confident that Symbian will rise once again to take over along with MeeGo… I just hope they are right… I mean, they have to be! I want all these amazing bloggers leaving back on the Nokia/Symbian blogging scene!

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Will the N8 be the last Nseries Symbian device? I don’t think so…

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When I saw those news that the Nokia N8 will be the last Nseries device running the Symbian OS, I just couldn’t believe it… I’ve analysed this in many perspectives and no luck understanding how could this benefit Nokia. Let’s jump into facts, shall we?

Back in the day, Symbian wasn’t a open-source OS… It was owned mainly by Nokia, but also by some other brands. Nokia, however, bought all of the Symbian platform for €247 million and they obviously kept the OS for themselves because it was so expensive! No, that’s not how it happened! Nokia actually handed Symbian over to the Symbian Foundation in order to make it open-source! Now, why would a company as big as Nokia buy something for €247 million and then just give it away to anyone who wants to use it, including the competition? Nokia isn’t charity so why? Well, the Symbian Foundation received a lot of help from big names in the industry and all of a sudden, Symbian wasn’t being developed almost exclusively by Nokia, but others as Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Vodafone, AT&T and LG started contributing with code for the Symbian Foundation. That way, Nokia allowed all of these brands to grab the code and make a Symbian powered device, but also got some precious help on developing the code.

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Is Your Symbian Phone “Jealous”? |

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I have been using my Nokia N97 Mini exclusively for 2 months, but recently the Nokia 6700 Slide and C5 were dropped by the house and I have found myself tempted by the C5’s small form factor and non-touch OS. My SIM Card is suffering the most from this situation as it’s hopping back and forth between several devices. This has lead me to notice a very recurring trend: my Symbian phones seem “jealous” to me. Every time I put my SIM card in them after having removed it for a couple of days, they go crazy. Let me explain.

Very nice article talking about one (of the many) bugs found on the Symbian OS. I never experienced this problem while coming from offline to online mode on any Nokia except the N900 (but then again, that thing was a nightmare even when it worked well lol).

Want to read the rest? Just go to the original post! Enjoy!

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Which mobile OS do you use?

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There’s no doubt about it – we cover quite a few mobile phone OSes in this industry.  And they all have their various pros and cons.  Some are exceptionally great at e-mail, while others excel in the media category, while others are fantastic in the web browsing department.  At the end of the day, there’s a mobile phone OS out there for just about everyone.

So, we ask you – what mobile phone OS do you use?  If you use more than one device, you can pick up to three (3) answers (if you use more than three, pick the top three that you use).  Cast your vote, and defend your OS (or OSes) in the comments!

Check out this poll over at phonedog! Let everyone know what mobile OS do you use and explain the advanteges you find on it! 🙂

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Augmented Reality: Wikitude For Nokia Is The Best Augmented Reality Browser Ever

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Augmented Reality is not only cool, but really useful too. Just pointing your device around and seeing in real time where something is located is really practical to find places, people, and facts. Nokia, unfortunately, didn’t have a really complete and useful Augmented Reality Browser, until now!

Augmented Reality has been out for years now. A really recognized Augmented Reality app is called Layar. Layar is not available for Nokia but is popular among Android and iPhone users. However, this Augmented Reality browser for Nokia is slightly better than Layar, it is called Wikitude.

wikitude nokia Augmented Reality: Wikitude For Nokia Is The Best Augmented Reality Browser Ever.

Wikitude is an AR browser for both Symbian^1 touchscreen devices and S60 3rd Ed devices. Wikitude is just available for a few Nokia handsets since it needs a hardware compass which many Nokia devices don’t have. So what can you do with Wikitude? Well, you can explore your surroundings like a bionic man, you know, terminator style. With Wikitude you just select the world you want to see and then Wikitude shows you around about that world. Let’s say you want to know where the closest Starbucks is, you just select the world ”Starbucks” and by pointing your device around with the camera, Wikitude will show you exactly where that Starbucks is. There are different worlds available, you can see YouTube videos recorded around you, Twitter users around you, Best Buys, Walmarts, important buildings, Wikipedia entries, and many more… And by the way, Wikitude is free!

A cool fact about Wikitude is that it was developed using Qt. That is why it is available for both S60 3rd ed and Symbian^1. As soon as you fire up Wikitude you can see that is a really cool and good looking app, showing that Qt can do amazing things. When you install Wikitude on your device, the app will automatically install the needed Qt libraries for your device to use. Pretty cool! You can get Wikitude here: Store

Very nice review of this app! Really liked it and I would download it myself right after reading this if I had a compass enabled phone! Enjoy!

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Socially 1.40 Released for Symbian – Now Supports Geotweets

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It’s been a while since I last looked up the Application, ‘Socially‘ the twitter application from Antarix for your Nokia device. Back a few months when I first checked it out, it was still in its infancy, and lacked quite a lot of features that another well known twitter app has, Gravity.


A few months on, and ‘Socially’ has transformed into quite a comprehensive twitter client now, with more features, and with the latest 1.40 release, it introduces GeoTweets, and integrates with Ovi Maps instead of Google Maps.

‘Socially’ is not just all about twitter either, with support for facebook, and LinkedIn too.

Here is a snippet from their support page..

antarixWe just released a new version of Socially app v1.40 that supports Geotweets

Now when you post on Twitter, you can add your location to your tweets. And while reading others’ tweets, see their location on the map (if they have added location while tweeting). 

Not just that, you can also search tweets from nearby location by adding your location while searching on Twitter! 

Socially is a must-have client for your Nokia handset, allowing full access to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn from one place. With Socially, you can see all your Social Contacts in your Nokia phone address book; Sync photos of phone contacts with their profile photos from Facebook; see Birthdays of Facebook friends (NEW); receive automatic Social Alerts of activities happening on your social networks & more! A social network client like no other for your Nokia phone.

You can pickup ‘Socially’ for free in the Ovi Store, so why not head over there today, and give it a try. Of course, the developers of ‘Socially’ really look forward to users feedback, good or bad, as they are always looking to improve the application based on users feedback.  You can leave your feedback for the developers here.

This app is looking very good for me mainly because of the Facebook integration (obviously the twitter client also helps). I’ll see what this can give me 😉 . Looks VERY good as of now 😀

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Nokia N8 Review (with tons of screenshots). « My Nokia Blog

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Gravity on N8

Want some more N8 news? There’s a huge first impressions review from An important note they do make is that you shouldn’t take this as a review of the final product as (fortunately/unfortunately) we have quite some time to wait until it actually hits the shelves.

Note though, that the review is originally in chinese, so unless you’re a native speaker, be aware that the translator will confuse the meaning of certain sentences.


Some interesting highlights:

  • Battery life 1.5 days
  • Positive improvements on the UI
  • Homescreen can be filled to the brim with shortcuts. 6X4 in total. YAY.

  • Linear live multitasking window. I DISLIKE this PRE style cards. DISLIKE. But a lot of newbies might like it. Pre owners seem to. Maemo 5 and N900 has the best multitasking interface on all mobile phones and hope S^4 adopts something like that, not this painful swipy swipy nonsense.

  • Threaded SMS
  • MORE info on screensaver

  • Web browser interface has no significant changes (oh dear) but multitouch as you know, works well in it.
  • The review makes some points about the camera and HD out but the translator makes it difficult to understand what on earth is trying to be said.

Please do check My Nokia Blog as I do not wish to take any credit for his work making the post so visit his blog and you might find other posts that interest you as Jay is an awsome guy and posts really interesting stuff! Check it out!

About the N8, I’m not sure what to think of these screenshots. They are in chinese and that (for me) makes a diference… It looks like one of those chinese crappy imitations 😛

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